Bradley Walsh

Comedian and Actor

Law & Order: UK - Series Five

The cream of British acting talent are back together for the fifth series of the hugely successful 'Law & Order: UK'. For the first time we see a change of the lead cast with the departure of two members of the Crown Prosecution Service, Ben Daniels who was the Senior Crown Prosecutor James Steel, and Bill Paterson the CPS director George Castle.

Coming to the programme for the first time is Peter Davison as Henry Sharpe, Director of the CPS and Dominic Rowan as Jacob Thorne, Senior Crown Prosecutor.

Series Five : Episode Three : Crush
Sunday, 24 July 2011 9:00pm - 10:00pm ITV1 / ITV1 HD

Law & Order UK: Series 5 Bradley Walsh is DC Ronnie Brooks

Call girl Katka Cizek is found lying in a pool of blood, the investigation finds only one admirer capable of her murder. A historian and writer was with her on the night, without an alibi Gavin Williams (Greg Wise) has everything to lose were his secret crush for her revealed.

Law & Order UK: Series 5 Guest Cast include Greg Wise

What appears to be a cut and dry case, but when Crown Prosecutor Alesha (Freema Agyeman) gets to the cross-examination the accused in court, she begins to suspect someone has reason to frame the him. In the pursuit of the truth Alesha unearths a betrayal of such enormity proving there are no winners in this case. Guest starring Greg Wise.

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