Bradley Walsh

Comedian and Actor

This Day Today is a fun online channel with short daily videos covering an event that happened today. Launched 1st March 2012 the idea created by Mark Tweddle and Lynn Ferguson combines daily facts and a little humour all stuffed into a tiny daily video that's under 60 seconds!

17 August - Bill Clinton admits to an improper relationship with Monica Lewinsky in 1988.

9 June - Nero the cruel Roman Emperor commited suicide in 68AD.

13 April - Alfred Mosher Butts the inventor of the game Scrabble was born in 1899.

27 March - Viagra given US Food and Drug Association approval in 1998.

20 March - Discoverer of gravity Sir Isaac Newton died in 1720.

17 March - St Patricks Day.

14 March - Scientist Albert Einstein born in 1879.

7 March - Graham Bell patented the telephone in 1876.

The videos are written and directed by Lynn Ferguson, Nedulous Productions LLC.

Behind the scenes after the 100th video upload .

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