Bradley Walsh

Comedian and Actor

The Celebrity Chase

On Saturday 5 November 2011 Bradley Walsh host The Chase quiz show where four celebrities pit their wits against The Chaser, a ruthless quiz genius determined to stop them winning at all costs.

The Celebrity Chase

The four Celebrity contestants must work as a team, answering general knowledge questions and playing a strategic game in order to win their charity a cash pot worth thousands of pounds!

The celebs take it in turns to build a cash sum by answering quick fire questions against the clock. Each must then go head-to-head with The Chaser in a race to get their money into the team prize pot without being caught.

The Celebrity Chase - Nick Hancock
Nick Hancock
The Celebrity Chase - Michelle Collins
Michelle Collins
The Celebrity Chase - Rufus Hound
Rufus Hound
The Celebrity Chase - Jenny Eclair
Jenny Eclair

In the chase down the game board, every right answer moves the celebrity a step closer to the exit, and every wrong answer gives The Chaser the chance to close the gap.

If the celebritiy contestant gets out without being caught, their money is added to the team prize pot. However, if The Chaser catches them first, the money is lost for the team and the celeb is out of the game.

The game concludes with the remaining contestants entering a two minute quick fire round where each correct answer pushes them along the exit route.

The Celebrity Chase - Anne Hegerty

The Governess Anne Hegerty is The Chaser for the game.

Nick Hancock 8 2000,8000,32000 32000 Final Chase
Michelle Collins 8 1000,8000,40000 8000 Caught
Rufus Hound 5 1000,5000,50000 50000 Caught
Jenny Eclair 3 1000,3000,32000 32000 Final Chase

In the Final Chase they take their 64,000 prize fund and get 19 steps, but are caught by the chaser with just 1 second left on the clock.

However they still get 1,000 for their chosen charity.

Nick Hancock - Neonatal Unit, University Hospital of North Staffordshire
Jenny Eclair - Kids Company, Peckham

The Celebrity Chase special was filmed at The London Studios in front of a live audience over 16-19 October.

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