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Comedian and Actor

The Chase - Meet the Chasers

Bradley Walsh hosts the show, but the brains behind The Chase are the four Chasers who aim to beat the contestants.

The Chase - Paul Sinha

Paul Sinha

Paul Sinha, is brand new to the show and will be seen in series 4. He is a qualified GP and an award winning stand-up comedian, but has a passion for quizzes. Although he has appeared on Are You An Egghead?, Brain of Britain, Mastermind, University Challenge and The Weakest Link he has yet to win any of them, but has come close.

He achieves a high ranking at the British Quiz Association, but will that be enough to beat the contestants in Series 4?

The Chase - Mark Labbett

Mark Labbett

Mark Labbett, otherwise known as The Beast has appeared twice on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? winning a total of £48,000. He came second in The National Lottery People's Quiz, and won BBC Four quiz Only Connect. He has been on Mastermind, University Challenge, 15 to 1 and even put up his own £1,000 to compete on the knock out tournament "Grand Slam".

Mark is a maths teacher from Wales, and is a pub quiz champion.

The Chase - Shaun Wallace

Shaun Wallace

Shaun Wallace is a barrister from North London. He won the title Mastermind Champion 2004. Living in the shadows of Wembley stadium his specialist subject is of course football.

Other television quiz appearances include Egg Heads, 15 to 1, Greed, Beat the Nation, Brainteaser, and the Weakest Link.

The Chase - Anne Hegerty

Anne Hegerty

Anne Hegerty joined Mark and Shaun on Series two, but has proven to hold the highest catch rate in the first 3 series. A freelance editor and journalist, Anne is known as The Governess she was a proof reader and lives in Manchester. Anne too has a long list of previous game show appearances including the original series of Mastermind with Magnus Magnusson.

She then returned for the new Mastermind with John Humphrys, 15 to 1, Today’s The Day, Are You An Egghead?, and Brain of Britain.

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