Bradley Walsh

Comedian and Actor

Law & Order: UK - Series One - Unsafe

Law & Order: UK' makes its long-awaited debut in the UK, meting out justice on the country's crinmals in this brilliant reimagining of the Emmy award-winning US drama.

Employing the original series' iconic two-part structure that focuses first on the investigation of a crime at the police level and then shifts in its second half to the prosecution of the suspects, 'Law & Order: UK' approaches the format and characters from a uniquely English perspective.

Series One : Episode Four : Unsafe
Monday, 16 March 2009 9:00pm - 10:00pm ITV 1

Law & Order: UK - Series One : Episode Four : Unsafe - Monday, 16 March 9:00pm - 10:00pm ITV 1

When a metal-detecting pensioner unearths a shallow grave by the side of the Thames, DS Ronnie Brooks and DS Matt Devlin are forced to reopen a contentious murder case. Their investigations into the case of Luke Slade threaten to unravel a conviction made by James Steel eight years ago.

After Luke Slade is given leave to appeal, Senior Crown Prosecutor James Steel must revisit his past and one of his first cases for the CPS. But when Luke Slade represents himself in court, the case becomes more than a legal appeal - it soon becomes a personal vendetta between Slade and Steel. Luke Slade has been studying law during his time in prison - and he's determined not to lose to James again.

As Slade begins to get the better of James in court, Crown Prosecutor Alesha Phillips and Director of CPS, London, George Castle begin to question whether James was overzealous in his initial prosecution. And when the prosecution case comes under threat, personal and professional loyalties are tested to the limit. Is Luke Slade guilty of murder? And why is he taking so much pleasure from this legal game of cat and mouse with James Steel? James' career is on the line - and the murders are not yet over.

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