Bradley Walsh

Comedian and Actor

The Thing About Vince

Timothy Spall, best known for his frequent appearances in the films of Mike Newell, starred in the British miniseries The Thing About Vince.... Spall was seen as London construction chief Vince Skinner who, in the course of events, had a brief and chaste fling with a younger woman. Despite his protestations of innocence, the middle-aged Vince was booted from his home by his unforgiving wife, forcing him to move back in with his aged parents, model-railroad fanatics both. The balance of the story found Vince plotting and planning to escape his mum and dad and reconcile with his wife.

The three 55-minute episodes of The Thing About Vince... were aired by ITV's Carlton Television division at 9:00pm from July 24 to August 7, 2000

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