Bradley Walsh

Comedian and Actor

The Basil Brush Show

Live action comedy sees the funniest fox on the box, the legendary Basil Brush lodging in a town house flat with his human flatmates: Stephen, a 22 year old entertainer with a tendency for disaster, his nephew Dave and niece Molly.

The Basil Brush Show

Dave is picked to play for in his school team in the next big football match. Good thing right? Not really especially since his school are facing St. Nigel's. St. Nigel's team are the biggest toughest team. So it's up to Basil, Molly and Ella to help out.

Mr Savage the referee (Bradley Walsh) is hit by a football whilst he was blowing his whistle, which ended up being swallowed, so for the second half of the game Molly steps in as the match offical.

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