Bradley Walsh

Comedian and Actor


Never Mind The Buzzcocks ... Again
Bradley makes his second appearance on the BBC2's comedy trivia quiz based around pop music hosted by Mark Lamarr and fellow contestants Phill Jupitus, Bill Bailey, Simon Amstell, Melanie Blatt and Estelle.

Takeaway Take On Bradley
Ant and Dec go Undercover to pull a prank on Bradley Walsh on their hit show Saturday Night Takeaway. They book him for a corporate event to talk at TK Way Plastics company to talk after the the dinner. He was prompted to sing a verse of a song which upset a member of the staff.

"On the sales team there is Clive,
In the chair all day he's sat,
If he took a bit of exercise,
He wouldn't be so fat!"

Bradley then went on to laugh at the apparent tragic death of the fictional companies Mascot - Dotty the Duck.

Murder City
Murder City is yet another police drama with a mismatched duo at its heart. The main character pair (Kris Marshall and Amanda Donohoe) solve challenging homicide cases with very different but critical investigation techniques.

Bradley Walsh plays Ken Hill in episode Big City Small World.

Murder Investigation Team
Episode Daddy's Little Girl. The Murder Investigation Team investigates the death of a 19-year-old girl whose body is found encased in concrete at a building site. The girl had disappeared three years previously and the case had been the subject of a great deal of publicity. They initially focus on Paul Wainwright, a heavy drinker with a history of violence and who was a regular at the pub run by the dead girl's parents Phil and Celia Seagrove (Bradley Walsh and Tracie Bennett). He was at the pub the night she disappeared but drank so much he blacked out and has no recollection whatsoever of events. When they find forensic evidence in his car linking him to the dead girl, most of the team think they've solved it, but DI Vivien Friend isn't so sure.

Night And Day
Night and Day (ITV1) is that high-risk launch, a new soap opera. Avoiding the trampling hooves of the heavyweights, it goes out at 5.05pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

For adults or addicts, there is a late-night Thursday omnibus with added saucy bits.

It is ambitious and innovative, with a particularly good performance from Lysette Anthony and deserves a fighting chance.

Bradley Walsh plays Eddie 'Woody' Dexter. Danny's brother Dennis's uncle. Woody had feelings for Natalie and returns just in time to find her marriage on the rocks.

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