Bradley Walsh

Comedian and Actor

The Glow

"The Glow", a short cinema film directed by Marcus Dillistone and starring Bradley Walsh, John Quentin, Natalie Ogle and introducing Jack Blumenau.

The Glow

"The Glow" is about Mr Swann, an eccentric gentleman of considerable independent means, who collects light bulbs. He has every type there is, except one, which has evaded him all his life. The story unfolds when a young boy (David) finds the ultra rare '1879 Edison Laboratory bulb' for sale on the Internet! Three weeks pass. David collects the bulb from the parcels' depot, and takes it, via aged funicular railway, traditional fishing beach, and 1930's covered promenade, to the old man's sprawling cliff-top mansion, where a surprise awaits him in the form of Mr. Swann's manic Butler. The film culminates in Mr. Swann's study, where the eccentric gent eagerly awaits the defining moment of his lamp-driven life...

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