Bradley Walsh

Comedian and Actor

The Circus

Bringing up a family is always hard, but when you move every week, life is a little harder. Meet the Paulos Family Circus!

The Circus

Bradley Walsh is the narrator of this ITV documentary that shows that clowning around is a serious business. Entertaining for almost 200 years, Paulos is Britain's oldest circus, but life on the road is tough.

Our Lives: Run Away With the Circus

Big Kenny, the dad and boss, runs the Big Top with his three sons, Kenny Junior: the daredevil, Patrick: the clown, and Lee: the ringmaster. Big Kenny’s sons were all born in the circus – literally. They went to a different school every week and started performing at the age of five. They perform death defying stunts twice daily, and pack their entire life onto a truck every few days to move on to the next destination. In a case of ordinary people leading extraordinary lives, The Circus offers a fascinating insight into what life is like on the road with Britain’s oldest family circus.

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