Bradley Walsh

Comedian and Actor

Orange Playlist

Orange Playlist is a British music chat show TV series, produced by Initial, a subsidiary of Endemol UK for the ITV Network. It was presented by Jayne Middlemiss. A different guest each week joined Jayne to discuss their lives, nominating a variety of songs to be played, one from their future, past and present, as well as their favourite track of all time.

Bradley Walsh was picked for the first episode of Series 2. The interview was recorded during the Coronation Street days, where Bradley played Danny Baldwin.

Orange Playlist

Orange Playlist was a ratings winner with 1.1million people tuning to see first guest Bradley Walsh.

Bradley's playlist
Dedication Track
The Prayer by Celine Dion and Andreas Bocelli
“This is to all my family. It's simply a wonderful song, a beautiful song.”

All Time Favourite Track
Dancing Queen by Abba
“You hear the start of it and you just can't stop yourself from getting up and dancing, everyone does.”

Track From The Past
Fly me to the Moon by Tony Bennett
“He's probably my most favourite artist.”

Track From The Present
A Design for Life by Manic Street Preachers
“The lead singer's voice is amazing in this song.”

Track For The Future
My Reason by Keedie Babb
“I think she's a real tip for the future. She has a certain quality in her voice that really speaks out to you.”

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