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Comedian and Actor

Law & Order: UK - Series One - Buried

Law & Order: UK' makes its long-awaited debut in the UK, meting out justice on the country's crinmals in this brilliant reimagining of the Emmy award-winning US drama.

Employing the original series' iconic two-part structure that focuses first on the investigation of a crime at the police level and then shifts in its second half to the prosecution of the suspects, 'Law & Order: UK' approaches the format and characters from a uniquely English perspective.

Series One : Episode Five : Buried
Monday, 23 March 2009 9:00pm - 10:00pm ITV 1

Law & Order: UK - Series One : Episode Five : Buried - Monday, 23 March 9:00pm - 10:00pm ITV 1

DS Ronnie Brooks and DS Matt Devlin have to dig through the bones of a 25-year-old case after the remains of eight-year-old Tommy Keegan are found in the basement of a house. They discover that the original police investigation into the boy's disappearance was criminally bad and that, coupled with the grief the boy's mother is still living with, make the detectives determined to solve the case.

Brooks and Devlin talk to Julia Mortimer, who was Tommy's best friend at the time he went missing, and to Ed Connor, the man who was first suspected of being involved in Tommy's disappearance. Neither of them wants to talk but Julia is persuaded to undergo treatment that will help her remember the events of the night Tommy disappeared. And Brooks and Devlin have a major breakthrough when Julia reveals something no one knew before...

Prosecutors James Steel and Alesha Phillips start to build a case but their boss, George Castle, isn't so convinced that Julia's recovered memory will be convincing to a jury. And Julia's parents insist she is lying out of spite. James, though, believes Julia... The question now is: can he, with the help barrister Doug Greer, convince a court of law to believe Julia's testimony and give Tommy's mother some peace of mind?

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