Bradley Walsh

Comedian and Actor

All At Sea

A series which sees six TV personalities embark on a sailing tour of the beautiful south coast of Britain over three weeks starting Thursday 13th May 2010 on ITV1. Actor Bradley Walsh, chef Rosemary Shrager and presenters Mark Durden-Smith, Richard Madeley, Nick Hancock and Dawn Porter take on the trip, in the course of which they travel from Cornwall to Kent, seeing some of the most beautiful sights the country has to offer.

The celebrities split into two groups before beginning on their journey. They make the trip in a variety of different vessels, from a luxury yacht to a fishing trawler, giving them different perspectives on the coast and the way various people use it.

All At Sea

They also learned how to sail the boats, which was not be as easy as they anticipated. However, as they become more comfortable on the water, the pleasures of accomplishment made their journey even more special.

As the groups made their way through the water across the breadth of the coastline, both they and viewers had the opportunity to take in some of the hidden gems of the English coastline which can only truly be appreciated from the sea.

The show offered up shot after shot of stunning scenery, as well as giving the audience a chance to see another side to some of TVís top stars.

Both teams started in Falmouth in Cornwall and the first week saw Richard lead his team of Dawn and Nick in a classic 1960s motor launch while Bradley leads Rosemary and Mark in a 250 tonne fishing trawler.

As Richard, Dawn and Nick sip champagne and take in their solid wood and polished brass surroundings, they decide who will be sleeping in which plush cabin and discuss whether or not anyone snores.

Mark, Bradley and Rosemary, who were on a fishing trawler the first week, enjoy the comforts of a luxury million-pound yacht, while Nick, Dawn and Richard had their work cut out manning an 80-year-old tall ship. The plus side is that they sailed along the lovely coastline between Dorset and Hampshire, a mecca for the weekend sailing community and a favourite haunt of the wealthy with its very expensive beach houses.

The final leg of their trip saw the stars sailing from East Sussex to the capital. Nick, Richard and Dawn traveled in style on a luxury motor yacht, while Bradley, Mark and chef Rosemary face a rougher ride aboard a 1930s torpedo boat.

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