Bradley Walsh

Comedian and Actor

Lock, Stock

The lads buy a batch of dodgy viagra pills from the Dutchies, unfortunately their punters include local hard man Larry Harmless (Bradley Walsh) and a gang known as the Gadaffi Brothers. The result? Carnage for all involved.

Lock, Stock

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This two-DVD set presents seven episodes of the Lock Stock...... TV series, based on Guy Ritchie's gangster comedy. The collection also features a behind-the-scenes documentary and a video by Ocean Colour Scene. Episodes include: the pilot "Lock, Stock...& Four Stolen Hooves," "Lock, Stock...& 200 Smoking Kalashnikovs," "Lock, Stock...& A Fistful of Jack & Jills," "Lock, Stock...& Spaghetti Sauce," "Lock, Stock...& Two Sips," "Lock, Stock...& One Big Bullock," and "Lock, Stock...& A Good Slopping Out."

Lock, Stock

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